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November 2015

Flynn Skye X SU2C

Fashion, Outfits

I’ve been a fan of Flynn Skye for a couple years now and I could not get enough of the collection they did with Revolve Clothing & Stand Up To Cancer. SU2C.    


Fashion, Outfits

My life is complete, I found the perfect pair of overalls. They come laced with flashbacks of Kindergarten… a time when we had zero responsibilities… and who can complain about that?

Back to Black

Fashion, Outfits

The one and only thing I like about winter is that I naturally want to wear a lot more black… mixed in with the crimsons and forest greens of course…


Fashion, Outfits

I really love this set of photographs because it was completely impromptu while I was walking home from brunch and asked my best friend to snap a few pics…  

LA Love

Fashion, Outfits, Travel

I’m running out of excuses to go to LA…. three trips in six months may seem excessive but I’m sorry I’m not sorry I love it there! Ok, ok…  I actually had a really good excuse this time, that being…