MIAMI : Happy Birthday to Me!

Last year my best friend and I came up with this genius idea that every year we would go on a vacation for our birthdays. The idea initially came to me following a pretty significant and dramatic change in my life. I felt like I needed to escape NYC for a few days and have a new experience in a city I had never visited. Lucky for me my bestie was game! Last year it was LA, this year it was MIA. Both at extremely different times in my life, which led me to have two very separate experiences but equally fulfilling. If I could do one thing in my life more often, it would be to travel.

I didn’t take any pictures of where we ate but I would definitely recommend trying out The Delano, Cleo, Kush and Beachcraft.

You can shop all my outfits at the bottom of this post.

First stop the beach…

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Birthday dinner & drinks at the 1 Hotel Rooftop.

Day trip to Wynwood, Arts District.

Back to the beach…

Beach hair…


Successful birthday week trip <3


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