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June 2016


Accessories, Fashion, Travel

I’m currently obsessed with my bike right now. Well, it’s not really mine it’s my mother’s from when she was my age, which actually makes it even that much sweeter. Hopefully I’ll have some awesome vintage items to hand down…

Summer Rompers with Urban Outfitters

Fashion, Outfits

This weekend was packed with friends, family, rooftops and just overall good vibes. It’s that time of year when everyone starts to come out of hibernation. I spent Friday hopping around floating restaurants on the west side of Manhattan, Saturday…

Club Monaco : Southampton

Lifestyle, Shopping

I love visiting new cities and just walking around and discovering new things that inspire me. I love to be spontaneous. Sometimes I’ll leave the city for just one day to explore something new! This store literally blew my mind last…

DITTO: Endless Shades

Accessories, Fashion

Is it just me or have sunglasses become really really important this Summer? From the new 70’s inspired round shades to the colorful mirrored lenses I can’t make a decision on what designer sunnies I want to splurge on. Well good…