cityseat1I’m currently obsessed with my bike right now. Well, it’s not really mine it’s my mother’s from when she was my age, which actually makes it even that much sweeter. Hopefully I’ll have some awesome vintage items to hand down one day.. but in reality it will probably be the same things my mother gave me. The 60’s and 70’s were pretty awesome decades.

I did put my little spin on this Schwinn (see what I did there, so cheesy) with this bike seat from CitySeat. Isn’t the pattern so freakin’ cute! It goes perfectly with the bike and is aptly named the “Montauk”. It just covers my normal bike seat so I can take it off whenever I want and put it on whatever bike I want. I could even put it on the bikes in spin class… if I ever took a spin class… honestly they scare me… way too intense. I’m more of a yoga and pilates girl, gotta bring it back to neutral.  Anyway, I won’t go off on any more tangents here because I saved the best parts for last. You ready? These covers are also washable and padded. Yessss… don’t be shy everyone’s butt sweats… not mine though. 😛

Wait, there’s more good parts… this company was born in Brooklyn and is made in AMERICA. LOVE!

Photography by Karen Oleri

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Click Here to Visit the CitySeat site.

Post in collaboration with CitySeat.


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