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July 2016

Playing The Dating Game: Episode 2


You guys asked for it so you got it!! Episode two of “Playing The Dating Game”. We would love to hear your thoughts and some of your dating nightmares. Leave your comments below!! TRIPLE THREAT So I had a date…

Beachin’ with Urban Outfitters

Accessories, Fashion, Outfits

Everyone knows fashion is cyclical. Technology, however, doesn’t follow that same formula. Usually everyone wants the best new shiny technology, but certain items have begun to defy this trend. Things that were once obsolete, decades later become a novelty. I never owned…

Playing The Dating Game : Episode 1


To give you a little back story, my best friend Jess & I became single around the same time last year after both ending long term relationships. Being each other’s therapists, we decided we needed time to be single and…


Fashion, Outfits

I’ll just go ahead and tell you the best part first… if you use coupon code “eastcoastfox20” on RAD.CO you can get 20% off your next and future orders! I’ve never really been one to wear statements on my clothes…