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Currently Coveting: My Top 5 Sites for Live Shows, Concerts & Festivals

Currently Coveting: My Top 5 Sites for Live Shows, Concerts & Festivals

Music has a way of transporting you. When I listen to music it’s usually to compliment or enhance my mood. It can help me forget about things that may be weighing me down, or make me nostalgic for certain times in my life. For example, Death Cab reminds me of driving to class in the Fall through the orange and red leaves. Bon Iver reminds me of falling in love, whereas Drake’s earlier albums remind me of breaking up with a long term boyfriend shortly after college. Music can be therapeutic, nostalgic and even hypnotic. It’s a pretty powerful medium.

So, I’m always looking for new bands, shows and concerts and below I’m sharing with you my go to websites!


For all of you festival goers these two sites are for you. Both highlight US and international festivals and there’s even an app you can download for Jambase!

  1. Music Festival Wizard
  2. JamBase(there’s an app for this)


All three of these sites have email alerts updating you on what bands are playing in your neighborhood, I’m currently subscribed to all of them…

  1. Bowery Presents (specifically for the NY area)
  2. Live Nation
  3. Bands In Town (there’s an app for this)




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