10 Ways Our Past Loves Have Made Us Swoon


Fall is officially here in New York, which means that cuffing season is upon us. So it’s time to figure out which Summer love you’re going to cuddle up with for the next few months as the weather turns cold.

In honor of this season, Jessika & I have put together ten moments where a few special gentlemen made us swoon, we hope it makes you smile!

  1. When he surprises you with tickets that he waited two hours on line for, alone, outside in the cold, so you could skip the line when you arrived.
  2. When he takes you on a surprise tour of your dream college campus and tells you he’s paying for your first semester.
  3. When you’re home sick all day and you hear someone throwing rocks at your window and there he is with your favorite ice cream, candy and obviously cough medicine to make you feel better.
  4. When you go to your parents house and you find him already there, helping your dad put together his new grill.
  5. When you start a random fight because you’re hungry and you decide it’s a good idea to storm out of the house and he chases after you in his boxers.
  6. When he send flowers to your job randomly, just because…
  7. When he wakes you up before the sun rises on Valentine’s Day so you can walk down to the beach and watch the sun rise together.
  8. When he says ‘be ready by 8pm’ and surprises you with tickets to the ballet and tries not to fall asleep during the entire performance.
  9. When he fills your entire house up with red heart balloons, and on each, he wrote a reason why he loves you.
  10. When you are so heartbroken over your childhood dog passing away and he shows up to your house and surprises you with the puppy you fell in love with a few days ago at the pet store.

-Amanda & Jess


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