The Perfect Sound : Sudio Sweden

One of my first memories as a child is being at my parent’s shore house dancing with my sister around my father’s old record player to fifties doo-wop. In high school I would spend most weekends with my best friend at local punk shows. Now, I’m always looking for new artists to check out, and going to local shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I spent a couple hours this past Sunday at Rough Trade, which is this amazing record & book store in Brooklyn picking out some new albums. Currently on repeat is Beach House : Depression Cherry, which is the newest addition to my record collection. I saw them live this past Spring and saying they were amazing would be an understatement. Hands down one of my favorite bands.

I listen to music every day, all day, especially at work and on my commute. Never did I think to invest in a quality pair of earbuds, but picking up this pair from Sudio Sweden has been a game changer. The sound is studio quality! To think that I never invested in a pair of headphones is insane to me now, especially for the amount of time I spend with earbuds in my ears each day. This particular model is bluetooth, comes with an awesome leather case so they won’t get dirty, and the cord is anti-tangle.. I mean that’s super important. Wait but there’s more.. they have a super long battery life and come with four different ear sleeve sizes.

Use code ‘eastcoastfox’ to get 15% off your own pair!

Find these particular earbuds here but browse around the site too because they have other amazing ones as well.

Photography by : Laurel Creative



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