Perfect Thanksgiving Day Dresses Under $50

So you’re at Thanksgiving dinner, a glass of spiked cider in your hand, trying to divert the dinner table conversation ever time it turns to politics. Refill please! Too bad no one can hear you ’cause they’re yelling too loudly about nasty women and grabbing… well you know what… I’m not going to type it. It’s a synonym for kitties. Meow.

So you get up and refill your glass yourself, when everyone stops talking and your mother says… “Wow, Amanda that dress is amazing!”, to which you reply, “Thanks! it was only $30”, as you turn around, hair flip and float into the kitchen. Ok, well that’s what you would like to imagine happens, but in reality they don’t notice over all the yelling. You still look fab though. #truestory

Below is a round up of some dope dresses all under $50, but first some photos of me twirling and running around in a courtyard.

Photography : Oscar Fuertes







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