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Elevating Your LBD

Whether you’re wearing it with sneakers at the flea market, stilettos on a Saturday night or barefoot to your friend’s beach wedding, the classic little black dress will never go out of style.

I know what you’re thinking… “Florals for Spring.. groundbreaking”, but this LBD brings a little something extra to the table.

I recommend wearing it with a crop top, as I did below, but disclaimer.. the peek-a-boo sides may give some people a little show you did not intend.. or did you… guess it depends on who’s looking. 🙂

Honestly though, when I first got this dress I wore it twice in one week, I couldn’t get enough of it. Of all the LBD’s I have, this is by far my favorite and pairing it with the crop top completely elevates the look. I’d even throw it on during the day on a Saturday with some Converse.

Dress from PBJ Boutique shop it here.

Townhouse Courtesy of Home Away & Bloglovin.

Photography : Kara Nixon

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