Friends have the power to make a beautiful impact on each other’s lives, and creating a lifelong friendship is something to be nurtured and valued. Quite a valuable lesson I’ve learned as I’ve grown, and I think it’s something we all learn, is that it’s better to have quality over quantity when it comes to friends. So when you find those people who are so easy to be around and just get you, take good care of them.

Emily and I met on a completely random week night out in our neighborhood with our respective crews. It was the opening of Sunday in Brooklyn over on Wythe. I remember really loving her outfit and blatantly walking up to her and complementing her on it. Props were due so I had to give them! She was so sweet and we instantly clicked. Her positivity is infectious and her advice is rock solid. Emily is a true girl’s girl, she wants to see her friends succeed and takes every opportunity to lift them up. I could literally sit here for hours and talk about what a big girl crush I have on her! As I write this I just got back from 72 hours straight with her and I’ve already emailed her once and sent her many texts, lol.

Did I also mention we are the same size? It’s like my closet just doubled! Our styles are super complimentary of one another so it was a no brainer to team up with Urban Outfitters to share our friendship love story along with our favorite pieces that are quintessential Brooklyn. Shop our looks and picks below and Happy Valentine’s Day to all you Galantine’s out there!


Photography by: Paige Campbell Linden

Special Thank you to Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!



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