Going Au Naturale with Nudu Natural Beauty

Beauty & skin care is so much more than you think, and no, I’m not talking about formulas and ingredients, we’ll get to that later. First I want to share with you a sweet little story of my first memory of beauty. I was playing dress up one day at my Nonna’s house and she gave me her lipstick to wear, I remember being SO excited that I was allowed to wear lipstick. Obviously I didn’t wear it on the reg back then, seeing as how I was only 12, but here’s the best part. That brand still carries that exact color today and I still wear it! Although my grandmother is no longer with us, every time I put on that color I think of her.

As loyal as she was to her lip color she was also loyal to her skin care, being meticulous about avoiding harsh ingredients and going the natural route. This is probably why I gravitated towards Nudu Natural Beauty.  Living in New York City can be brutal for your skin. Just think about all the free radicals that come into contact with your face on a daily basis. Sounds gross right? That’s why I like to limit the amount of any extra chemicals coming into contact with my face and opt for natural skincare. Nudu has no toxic chemicals whatsoever.

To be honest, reading the product ingredients on the Nudu website makes me want to eat it! You think I’m kidding listen to this… Manuka honey, aloe vera, chamomile & cucumber… ok so now you’re hooked too!

In my daily routine I’ve incorporated the cleanser to purify my skin, the toner to balance, and the face and eye moisturizer to get that glow. Not only does it make my skin feel fresh, but it has never felt greasy and it smells delicious!

How do you #Nuduyou ??

Photography By Frankie Marin



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