So Long Sweet Summer

This Summer was the first time I spent 12 hours straight on a beach. Got there around 2 in the afternoon, hung out, drank some beers, watched the sun set, and then just laid there in the dark listening to the waves. It was beautiful, until I realized I probably shouldn’t fall asleep because I might wake up in the morning with all my shit stolen. Rockaway was so packed I had to pay some random dude to park in his driveway. Honestly it’s things like that, that remind me why I love New York so much.

So these photos weren’t taken in Rockaway, hah! I just wanted to share that story, it’s a sweet memory. This was actually my first trip to the beach this Summer and it was in Montauk. I’ve shared some on my Instagram but there are just so many amazing photos that I had to put the full set up here. Andrea and I became really good friends this year and this day was just all about creativity and fun, friends that inspire you are the best kind to have. Enjoy your last bits of Summer!

Photography by: Laurel Creative




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