Staycation with &pizza and SIXTY LES Hotels

There is NOTHING better than spending a night with your girls, I don’t think one of us stopped laughing this entire time. After having a pretty emotionally exhausting November, a staycation hosted by SIXTY HOTELS and &pizza was the perfect remedy. Special thanks to both of you!

Here’s a little background…

SIXTY LES is a stunning boutique hotel in the heart of Manhattan’s lower east side, boasting floor to ceiling windows in each room, & my favorite part, an Andy Warhol filmstrip pool.

&pizza prides itself  on being the anti-establishment establishment, not only do they use natural & locally sourced ingredients, but they pay all their employees a living wage. Be sure to check out their swag, a portion of the proceeds go to ‘FIGHT FOR $15’, which is a charity that fights to bring the minimum wage to $15.

Now enjoy some photos of me & my girlies eating pizza and being our silly selves! Links to all their cute blogs here:  Alyssa Amoroso, Andrea Pion, Lauren Mazzei, Jordan Gill.


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