I Got a Medical Peel & Here’s What Happened…

A week ago I went to the dermatologist’s office to get my first medical peel. I’ve always had very sensitive skin my whole life, so you can imagine how just hearing the words “chemical peel” would terrify me. However, as I get older I realize that I’m going to inevitably have to do some upkeep over here if I want to age gracefully… so I thought, what the heck, let’s give this a go. Let me tell you, my MIND was BLOWN. I’ve never had such hydrated, soft, smooth skin before my Glytone Peel, which in turn made me think that this is one of those scenarios where everyone seems to describe things to you, and in your head it seems way worse than it actually is.

Let me start out by telling you what the benefits of the peel are and then I will go into my experience…

  • Reduces the visible signs of aging!! More specifically fine lines, wrinkles & photo damage.
  • Improves skin texture and tone.
  • Increases hydration in the outer layers of the skin.
  • Improves skin smoothness.

The process only took FIVE minutes and the doctor guides you through every step. It’s not like in a spa where they leave you in a room for 15 minutes alone with a face mask on. I had my peel done at Plaza Park Dermatology in Brooklyn, using the Glytone Professional Glycolic Acid 30, which means it’s 30% Glycolic acid. The total range is 30, 50, 70, depending on how intense you want your peel to be. So the doctor puts the peel on your face 2-3x in the span of five minutes. All the while someone else is fanning your face so the burn isn’t so intense, but let me tell you I lasted the whole five minutes and I’m surprised. It really did not hurt at all, between 1 & 5, my pain only went to a max of 3. I’ve been through bikini waxes & laser hair removal and this was absolutely nothing in the pain threshold compared to that. So I hope if you’re scared of getting a peel, your mind is now at least a little at ease.

Now let’s talk about the days & hours following my Glytone peel. So after the peel, you get some soothing cream rubbed on your face, followed by sunscreen. Sunscreen is SO important all the time, but especially after a peel. Yes, I was a little red & bumpy immediately after I left the doctor but in the 30 minute train ride it took me to get to work, that was all gone and my face was GLOWING. I didn’t even put any makeup on, I thought.. wow this is great! Then for about 3 days following I had some dry dead skin patches that eventually sloughed off in the shower as I was washing my face. This then revealed the most moisturized, soft and smooth skin I think I’ve ever had!

Scroll through to follow the photo journey of this process!

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This is what the peel process looks like… the doctor just applies it to your skin.

This is the soothing gel & sunscreen…

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