The Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee

Four trips to Tennessee in one year pretty much solidifies the fact that I’m pretty smitten with the place. Think about Brooklyn with more live music & less rude people… that’s exactly what East Nashville is like. Of course, there’s more touristy area’s, like Broadway, but I tend to stay away from that. I like to do things the locals do.

When I heard about The Pilgrimage Festival, I was like PERFECT another excuse to go to Nashville. Well, kind of, it’s actually in Franklin, Tennessee which is a charming little town just 20ish minutes from the Nashville city center. Anyway, my very good friend, Ashley, and I end up going to the festival together. We landed a couple days before the start so we could enjoy some chill time.

Fast forward to the first day of the festival, things get a little crazy, not three hours in a voice comes over the loud speaker, “The national weather center recommends you take cover… ” and Ashley & I both run to her friend’s car just in time to not get completely SOAKED. It torrentially down poured for about an hour. On top of that I really had to pee, and they weren’t allowing anyone to leave the parking lot because the roads had to be clear, which I don’t understand but I’m sure there was a valid reason. SO I trek to the porter potties in just a rain slicker LOL. Of course there was a line so waited in that in the pouring rain & got soaked despite my rain slicker. But you know what? It didn’t really bother me.. I’d say I’ve definitely learned about myself that very little actually bothers me, which is a good thing.

So, the whole festival was cancelled after that. I was so sad, Jack White and Chris Stapleton were both supposed to headline. Oh well, definitely going back next year anyway!

Ash & spent the rest of the weekend exploring Nashville which I loved just as much. Here are a few links to my favorite restaurants & bars

Dino’s (bar & late night food)

Makeready Libations & Liberation at the Noelle (restaurant)

Cafe Roze (restaurant)

Fido (restaurant/specifically brunch)

Crying Wolf (bar)

Butcher & Bee (restaurant)

Rudy’s Jazz Room (Jazzzz)

East Room (bar & venue)

So all in all another great trip to Tennessee! I put together a photo diary of our adventures and also linked all of our outfits!

Relaxing at our hotel before day 1 of the Fest, we stayed at the Loew’s Nashville Hotel.



First Day of the Festival



This bag from Hunting World was the perfect size for our camera.



Nashville Nights…

The Crying Wolf


I repurposed my bathing suit top into a going out top, paired with high waisted denim! This top is Coco Rave from Beach2Ocean.



Playing around at Pinewood Social



A lil behind the scenes.. thanks for following along. 🙂




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