Stand Out This Party Season: Holiday Looks 2018

In my opinion New Years is the only holiday other than Halloween where you can show up to an apartment party completely over-dressed in the littlest dress possible. In the spirit of that notion, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite holiday looks for 2018! They’re sprinkled throughout this post, and I’ve got everything from dresses in lavender & magenta hues, to splurge worth sparkle and options under $100 for my budget conscious babes. 

Photography by Allison Provost.

Dress: Retrofete | Child of Wild Feathers of Peace Necklace | Child of Wild Trinity Choker

Let me set the scene for this photo shoot. Allie Provost & I shot this on December 3rd in Times Square at 10PM. Have you ever been to Times Square at 10PM? How about Times Square at 10PM in the middle of the holiday season? As a New Yorker (or almost.. I still have two more years till it’s official), I avoid Times Square like the PLAGUE. So not only was it freezing & overly crowded, but let’s add on double the tourists you would normally deal with. It was so cool though, we both had a vision and I’m so happy with how it turned out! Also, shout out to the cab driver who let me lean on his car. 🙂

I’m loving purple & lavender right now. Here’s a couple choices in that hue.

I’ll be spending New Years in Nashville! If you’ve been following me for the past year you know that Nashville is one of my favorite cities. I went there four times in 2018! Between the every day kindness of the people in the South and the live music everywhere you turn, that city has stolen a little piece of my heart. I’m heading out on December 27th with two of my best girl friends Ashley Nelson & Alexandra Machover, and we’ll be staying at the Hutton Hotel. They’re having a little New Years shindig at the Analog, which is the venue they have on site! I can’t even say how excited I am for this trip & how excited I will be to share it all with you!

Unfortunatley the booties I’m wearing are sold out, but I found a pair on Shopbop from Matiko that are almost identical. Also, here’s a few more that are equally stunning. 

Here’s some options under $100.


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