10 Day Reset with Sakara Life

I’ve read & watched so many different testimonies on how a plant-based diet can change your life, and while I’ve heard of Sakara I hadn’t tried it until now. The ethos of Sakara is discovering “the power of food as medicine”, and how by simply changing your diet you can experience easy weight loss, glowing skin, increased energy & digestion, and a clearer mind.

Managing the stress that comes with balancing two careers has led me to be hyper-focused on how to live a more healthy lifestyle. It was easy for me to just skip the gym, or make pasta because I got home from a long day and was so incredibly tired I didn’t feel like sitting there cutting vegetables. Then, about mid-way through 2018 I abruptly made a change in my diet and decided to eat vegan. This lasted about 4 months before I started to introduce some of my favorite foods back into my diet, like seafood, that I was craving & missing. Honestly for me, it’s about a predominantly vegan diet, but every once in a while I add in seafood & cheese. Some people may disagree with this, but this is just how I operate, and everyone is different! It’s all about what works for the individual!

Eliminating foods like dairy from my diet has made me see the impact they have on my digestion, my skin and my overall well-being. For instance, the holidays just passed and I ate a TON of cheese and also cow’s milk. I had stomach pains, severe bloating and four pimples broke out on my face. Now I don’t want to touch either of those things ever again! But I know my weakness for cheese will overcome me at some point, lol!

So let’s get back to Sakara. Here’s a little background on the brand! Sakara was started by Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise, two childhood friends from Arizona, who from an early age ate a natural diet. (Side note, love supporting women owned companies) But, it wasn’t until after a move to New York did a desire spark to share this way of living with the world. What’s most interesting about how Sakara came to be, is that while Danielle is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Whitney’s story is a little different. She moved to New York to work in finance, where she ended up gaining 15 lbs from working a desk job as well as suffering from cystic acne. She linked up with Danielle to figure out a meal plan that would simultaneously clear her skin and help her drop the weight. You can read more about them here.

Sakara has two main components. Meal plans & a Clean Boutique. Their meal plans are delivered directly to your door, you can choose to receive them 3 or 5 times a week. You get breakfast, lunch, dinner, daily detox teas and your choice of a functional supplement. The 10 Day Reset, which is what I’m doing, is in the Clean Boutique.

What’s in the 10 Day Reset Box?

  • 10 Day Reset Recipes: over 20 exclusive & easy-to-make nutritional recipes
  • Beauty Water Concentrate: Silica + rose + 72 trace minerals for hydration, remineralization and glow
  • Detox Water Concentrate: Chlorophyll + magnesium + 72 trace minerals for hydration, remineralization and detoxification
  • Daily Probiotic Blend: Sakara signature probiotics with 3 billions CFUs, 11 probiotic strains + digestive enzymes + prebiotics + candida cleanser
  • Detox Bars: 10g plant protein + blue spirulina for detox on the go
  • Energy Bars: 10g plant protein + L-theanine + vitamin B12 for energy on the go
  • Life Source: 12g plant protein + alkalizing greens + phytoceramides + enzymes for digestion, detox, energy and beautiful skin
  • Detox Tea: Red rooibos + lemongrass + rose for de-bloating and digestion

The 10 Day Reset is designed to help you reap the benefits of the Sakara Meal Plans, but on your own budget. Yes, the meal plans are expensive, but spending money on a gym membership without pairing it with the correct diet is like throwing money away. Being healthy and fit is two-fold, mind and body! So, what the 10 Day Reset does is help to cultivate a healthy microbiome, which is the healthy bacteria in your gut. Some things that create gut imbalances are meat, dairy, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. UGH those last two, they are going to be my weakness haha! After the 10 Day Reset, Sakara doesn’t mind if you add some of these things back into your diet as long as you balance it out with fresh, organic plants. The nutrients in the plants will help you process less healthy foods more effectively. So this takes me full circle to when I mentioned going vegan for 4 months and eventually adding seafood & cheese back into my diet. It’s about keeping a BALANCE that’s right for YOU!

Ok so I’m going to go do this now, I’ll report back once I’m done with the 10 days so be sure to check back for a follow up post on my experience! I hope you are all intrigued by Sakara and you check it out for yourselves!


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