The Spring Edit with Free People

Winter & I are headed for a nasty break up. It’s time. It’s gotten to that point in the season where every day I dress like I live in the arctic tundra. I can’t go out of the house on a weekend night in a skirt without running the risk of losing my legs to frostbite.  I’m constantly holding my jacket/scarf/hat in one hand and my drink in the other, which ultimately leads to me spilling whatever drink I had all over the cute outfit that was covered by my arctic gear. Winter, it’s safe to say, I’m SO OVER YOU.  (but don’t be too upset we’ll be forced to get back together next year.)

Spring, you are a sight for sore eyes, and as a Spring baby, I thrive in the warmer months. That’s where this edit comes in! I’m going to share with you a couple of my favorite pieces from the Free People Spring Edit

My go-to is a good pair of denim, my legs aren’t ready to show their faces until I’ve had at least once good day basking in the sun. Here’s some of my favorite denim pieces from Free People right now! 

Now what to pair it with? For my feet I’m graduating from my go to sneakers and picked up a pair of Dr. Martens. For a top I went with the tried and true tee, it’s so easy to throw on and you can wear it in so many ways, tucked in, tied in the front, completely untucked or you can go with my ultimate favorite, the crop! Shop my favorites here!


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