5 Easy & Affordable Ways To Update Your Space

Unlike that top you’re only going to wear once, a new addition to your home will last you months (sometimes years). And, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! In partnership with Urban Outfitters I’ve rounded up 5 small ways you can update your space that will make a HUGE difference.

Let’s start with the bathroom. Most of us can’t afford to build this into a dream oasis, and oftentimes we’re usually stuck with something generic and sterile, but there’s two things you can do to make this space more appealing. Grab a bath mat and shower curtain that compliment each other and that suit your style. I went for something uplifting!


Next let’s tackle where you spend most of your time, the bed. Duvet covers are easily interchanged. I have two that I alternate, depending on my mood. I just picked up this one up.

If you want something that’s a little less of an investment than a duvet, go for some decorative throw pillows. I loved the neutral calming hue of these.

Another real easy update to your space are wall hangings. Add a picture or poster, photograph, or some cool garlands! I am very into astrology so I went with this moon phase garland. Sometimes I hang it on this macrame piece my mom made, and other times it’s hanging in my window.

Last but certainly not least, go with a new area rug. This is the piece that touches almost everything in the room and ties it all together.


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