The Next Revival You Should Get Your Hands (or feet) On

The Reebok Club C‘s have been glued to my feet ever since I picked up my first pair in early Spring. No matter where I go, I get a ton of compliments on them, and I now own two pairs (soon to be three). Honestly, you always have to have two pairs of your favorite sneakers because when you unknowingly ruin the first pair you won’t go through withdrawals while you’re in the midst of procuring the new ones.

Here’s a very brief history. The Club C‘s first came on the scene in 1985 as a tennis shoe, and the “C” in Club C stands for “Champion”.

There’s really two types of sneakers that dominate the market right now. Futuristic moon walkers, and vintage revivals. While the over the top clunkers are definitely a statement making fashion choice, the vintage revivals have staying power and class. Not to mention an emotional connection to the wearer.

I have not purchased ONE sandal this season, my Club C‘s go with everything, which you probably already know, because if you’re reading my blog then you most likely follow along with me on Instagram. Here are some photo’s from the coffee shop the other day, I chose an all white outfit. I almost exclusively wear my Reebok‘s with these tube socks, I just love playing up the retro vibes of the sneakers.

Shop a few of my favorites here!

Shop the ones I’m specifically wearing in the photos via THIS LINK.



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