It’s Sweater Weather: Fall 2019

It’s sweata weatha! LOL. My friend has been saying that all weekend and I can’t get it out of my head, and also can’t stop laughing about it. Say it with a Brooklyn accent and you’ll understand.

Anyway! Being that it’s sweater weather I’ve rounded up some of my favorites and also gave you a run down of what retailers are my go-to’s.

First I want to recognize Urban Outfitters, they do such a good job with knits each season. I picked up an ombre cropped pullover, a chenille cropped cardi, and a FILA pullover from them. They also have a great selection of exclusives. I picked up a corduroy cropped Champion pullover , a Champion sherpa jacket, and cozy sherpa shorts to match.

Here’s a few more of my favorites from their site:

And here’s a round up of exclusives you can only get on their site:

I also love Revolve’s selection, and got a really pretty ombre sunset cropped sweater from Tularosa. In addition I also hit up Princess Polly and Nasty Gal because they have some really trendy pieces for a cheaper price!



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