A Sustainable Lodge in The Rainforest of Belize

There’s a magical place located in the rainforest of Belize, situated on the Rio Grande River, and that place is called Copal Tree Lodge. 70% of the food they serve at the lodge comes right from the farm on their own grounds, and not only is the food they put on the table sustainable, but so is the rum they put in their drinks. Something I’ve always struggled with while traveling is finding healthy options. I cook a lot at home, so I know exactly what goes in my food.  This trip to Belize made me realize, more than ever, that what I put in my body has a direct impact on how I feel. On this trip I’ve not once had an upset stomach from something I ate, and despite the copious amount of Mojitos I’ve been drinking, I haven’t once woken up hungover or in the slightest bit nauseous. I feel this is a direct result of eating fresh farm to table meals every day.


Now let’s talk about the rum! Copalli Rum originated here at Copal Tree Lodge, and is made with three ingredients, certified organic sugarcane grown on the property, yeast, and fresh water collected from the rainforest canopy. They operate a zero waste production & distilling process. After the juice is extracted from the sugarcane, the fibers are burned and the ash is used to enrich the soil.



There are two types of rooms at the Lodge, suites and villas. Looking out the window of your room all you see is the greenery of the rainforest enveloping you. Many rooms on the property feature an oversized stone shower with a floor to ceiling window (this was my favorite part), as well as a private veranda. The villas are at the top of the hill and fit up to six guests, with access to a private infinity pool.



Views from the top of Copal Tree Lodge



I was only at the Lodge for two full days (and two half) so you can imagine they were packed. Day 1 we took a tour of the grounds. We saw where all the food was grown (and raised), we stopped at the sugarcane fields and gave it a taste test right out of the ground. Our last stop was the Copalli distillery where we taste tested current and future Rum, and heard from the master distiller himself. He also has the cutest pup who’s the namesake of one of the drinks in the lodge!



Day 2 we took a boat out on the Rio Grande, out to the ocean, where we threw out anchor, swam around, drank rum, and cooked what we caught. If you’re thinking that sounds like the perfect day then I’d have to agree with you.



The last night we spent at the top of Copal Tree Lodge with great company and great drinks courtesy of Copalli Rum.



Needless to say I left Belize sun-kissed and happy.




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