June Homes: A New Wave In Short Term Rentals

It’s not a secret that Millenials are the most non committal generation thus far. In fact the only thing we’re committed to being is non committal and this goes for every aspect of our lives, including where we live.

Enter, short term renting.

I had the opportunity to check out a new co-living space this year called June Homes. The concept is simple and oh so convenient. It’s a network of homes currently in three key cities, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C., and coming soon to SF and LA. The application to be a member is very similar to any process you would go through when renting an apartment. They offer rooms in shared houses or private apartments for a minimum of 30 days. Members are also not expected to clean or buy supplies, those are provided for the home.

I stayed at the Washington D.C. location to test out the concept for a weekend, so the photo’s you’ll see below are from that space. The house had a lot of charm, natural light, high ceilings, and modern yet cozy decor.

All in all June Homes is a great alternative living arrangement for the non committal.
























































































































































































































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