7 Places to Get Vintage-Inspired Tees You’ll Love

I practically live in both vintage and vintage-inspired tees. So I thought it would be fitting to create a guide to all the vintage-inspired tees you could dream of (actual vintage guide coming soon). From both high end, to super affordable, and everything in between, here’s my round up!


Carrying everything from the Rolling Stones to Bob Marley to Salt N Pepa, every drop of theirs has a handful of creative takes on graphic tees spanning multiple decades. The Pink Floyd tee I’m wearing in the photograph above is from DAYDREAMER.


Sugarhigh Lovestoned offers something way beyond your typical graphic tee, complete with witty captions and original head-turning graphics. I may have ordered one of their tee’s after writing this article. I guess you can say I influenced myself.

Free People

Free People sells a plethora of curated vintage-inspired brands like Live Nation, Vintage Souls, and Retro Brand Black Label. They also have an exclusive collaboration with Daydreamer.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is basically a mecca for all tees vintage-inspired. They also have their Urban Renewal brand where you can pick up some one of a kind pieces.


Chaser is a really fun brand with fresh tie-dye patterns and original graphics, done in of-the-moment hues.


Madeworn is high-end. Their garments are inspired by timeless vintage pieces, and the entire production process is done by hand in Los Angeles, CA.

Junk Food

Junk Food is sooo nostalgic for me, I remember this brand from when I was in high school going to punk and emo shows every weekend lol! Their designs are classic and super affordable.


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