Chic Loungewear That’s Totally Affordable

We’re all having a love affair with sweatpants right now. So in the spirit of our uber comfy uniform, I took the liberty of rounding up more than a handful of options that will take you right from your bed, to your afternoon zoom call, to your evening grocery run. You won’t even have to change your shirt.

If you think about it, there’s nothing more UNcomfortable than sitting for long periods of time in a pair of jeans, and sitting in our offices is not excluded from this. I don’t know about you, but every time I sit down I need to unbutton the top button of my jeans… and it’s not because I ate too much (which happens frequently), it’s because I buy denim that has no stretch in it, so it tends to really tighten up when I’m seated. To be honest, I like my organs where they are, they don’t need any rearranging.


So let’s get to it! This post was crafted to help you step up your loungewear game, WITHOUT breaking the bank. Here are my picks! Oh, and if you like the dress I’m wearing in the picture above, it’s linked here.

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