Sustainable Cooking with Our Place

If we’re being honest here I’ve been wanting the Always Pan from Our Place for a LOOOONG time, so you can imagine my excitement when they reached out to me. Yes, this pan was kindly gifted from the folks at Our Place and I am nothing short of ecstatic and eternally grateful.

Here’s the low down on the brand.

Our Place is female founded and owned. Their company mission is rooted in connecting people over the dinner table, no matter the culture, in the hopes of creating new traditions while upholding the old (important ones). Their Always Pan can go from stovetop to table to refrigerator, and it’s said to replace a 16 piece cookware set. Which from experience, I can personally say I agree with. The Always Pan comes with a wooden spoon/spatula that conveniently attaches to the arm of the pan, as well as a steaming tray insert.

Let’s talk about sustainability!

The packaging Our Place uses to ship is 100% biodegradable and recyclable corrugate. There is not one inch of plastic in sight. The Always Pan is insanely easy to clean, while it is dishwasher safe you probably won’t ever have to go to those lengths. The non-stick surface makes it super simple to hand wash.

What about chemical non-stick?

The Always Pan is made of a ceramic coated aluminum and is coated in a safe, environmentally-friendly ceramic non-stick coating, that means absolutely NO questionable (TOXIC) materials!

Here’s some cute photo’s I styled of it. 🙂 Shop it here!


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