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Nashviiiille ugh! Between the music, the bars, the food, the coffee shops… I really have no idea where to start. We split up our four days between Downtown and East Nashville, two very different experiences but equally memorable. I shutter…

So Long Sweet Summer

Fashion, Outfits, Travel

This Summer was the first time I spent 12 hours straight on a beach. Got there around 2 in the afternoon, hung out, drank some beers, watched the sun set, and then just laid there in the dark listening to…

Parker #GirlsOfSummer

Fashion, Outfits

I am so excited to share with you all my feature on with two girls that I love so much, Emily from The Lipstick Fever & Andrea of A Slice O’ Pi! We’re talking about our Summer must haves,…

Fall with Urban Outfitters

Fashion, Outfits

You always want to look your best, especially when you’re headed back to campus. We’ve all been there, so many clothes in our closet but we simply can’t find anything to wear. Or maybe it’s because we’ve already worn our…

The Only Dress You Need ATM from AEO

Fashion, Outfits

Something happened and it happened so fast you probably didn’t even realize… Spring is finally here! I know, I know, you thought Spring would never come but here she is and you couldn’t be happier.  Soon you’ll even forget the meaning…