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Flynn Skye X SU2C

Fashion, Outfits

I’ve been a fan of Flynn Skye for a couple years now and I could not get enough of the collection they did with Revolve Clothing & Stand Up To Cancer. SU2C.    


Fashion, Outfits

My life is complete, I found the perfect pair of overalls. They come laced with flashbacks of Kindergarten… a time when we had zero responsibilities… and who can complain about that?

Back to Black

Fashion, Outfits

The one and only thing I like about winter is that I naturally want to wear a lot more black… mixed in with the crimsons and forest greens of course…


Fashion, Outfits

I really love this set of photographs because it was completely impromptu while I was walking home from brunch and asked my best friend to snap a few pics…  

LA Love

Fashion, Outfits, Travel

I’m running out of excuses to go to LA…. three trips in six months may seem excessive but I’m sorry I’m not sorry I love it there! Ok, ok…  I actually had a really good excuse this time, that being…

Layering On…

Fashion, Outfits

Trying to dress for Fall can sometimes be super challenging… especially when mother nature doesn’t know if she wants to be 50 degrees or 75 degrees…. but I think I found the perfect flannel to cart around with me this…