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Early Fall Layers

Fashion, Outfits

It’s hard to think about transitional dressing right now, especially when I can’t stand on the subway platform without feeling sweat dripping down my back. Gross, I know, but I’m not at all kidding and I don’t regret sharing that…

Endless Summer

Fashion, Outfits

“It hurts my head to think of how many things had to happen for our paths to intersect. Of all those numberless little fortunes that led me to you. A broken alarm clock, a delayed train, a sudden downpour, and…

Beachin’ with Urban Outfitters

Accessories, Fashion, Outfits

Everyone knows fashion is cyclical. Technology, however, doesn’t follow that same formula. Usually everyone wants the best new shiny technology, but certain items have begun to defy this trend. Things that were once obsolete, decades later become a novelty. I never owned…