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PORTLAND IS STUNNING, and this post is going to be significantly different than anything I’ve posted before. I hope everyone is ok with that. The first thing I noticed was how absolutely yellow a single tree can be… without any…


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Nashviiiille ugh! Between the music, the bars, the food, the coffee shops… I really have no idea where to start. We split up our four days between Downtown and East Nashville, two very different experiences but equally memorable. I shutter…

Daytrippin NYC


It’s incredibly fulfilling to wake up on a Saturday morning and just decide that you’re going to take a little day trip. This could turn into an overnight trip and the spontaneity of that moment is what makes it the…

So Long Sweet Summer

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This Summer was the first time I spent 12 hours straight on a beach. Got there around 2 in the afternoon, hung out, drank some beers, watched the sun set, and then just laid there in the dark listening to…

Hiking Upstate New York

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Travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The places you experience and the people you meet will be with you forever. All you have to do is close your eyes and bring yourself back to that…